By cana
#10527 Wer hat Infos, Erfahrung mit der Schnellfähre/Kat zw. Praia-Fogo-Brava
funktioniert diese regelmässig?
funktioniert die online reservierung?
gibts Ausfälle? wenn ja warum( Wetter oder ???)

vielen Dank für kompetente Antworten
By calheta
By mkatsburg
#10548 From what I heard and experienced, the fast ferry really does hold on the schedule as given on the website. Due to the weather or another ship embarking in the port you can have some delay.
Yes you can make reservations, but you still have to pick up your tickets in person at the Fast Ferry Office (not at the fast ferry itself) and fill in the forms again. So you might as well skip the reservation-part: the ferry is never fully booked.

I hope you can read my English. It's easier for me than writing 'auf Deutsch'; ich bin Holländer.
When are you going and where? We are taking the ferry end of october again, to Brava.
By romeo
#10550 "So you might as well skip the reservation-part: the ferry is never fully booked."

hi mkatsburg,
we live on fogo island and some of our guests told us, it is possible, that the ferry is fully booked some times! there are sometimes children groups or other groups with about 20 people or more. if the planes have problems to get to fogo island, most of the passengers book the fast ferry to fogo and to brava.
have a nice trip and a nice holiday
By mike
By mike
#10567 Nachtrag: nach Aussage der Reederei fährt die Kriola bis zu einer Wellenhöhe von 4 Metern. Bei höherem Wellengang wird der Betrieb aus Sicherheitsgründen eingestellt. Das ist im letzten März auch vorgekommen.