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By nvjg
#2987 Hi, hope you don't mind the writing in english, this german forum best suits my question but I don't master written german.

I am a frequent visitor to CV (guiding small groups for a travel agency) lost my heart in San Antao and am now considering to settle there, does anybody know of investment opportunities (houses, small businesses) ?

How much does one on average need to live a month (rent, cost of living)

I have the financial means and am ready to join existing projects.

Kind regards

By Daniel
#2988 Hello Johan,

what kind of investment do you have in mind?
Can you provide financial investment or also know-how?
Perhaps I can give some ideas.

Best regards,
By nvjg
#2993 Hi Daniel, thanks for replying

alas no practical skills, I'm a lawyer, but got managing experience started some things up and know how to make it happen, but at age 50 I'm not looking for big challenges, I only want:
- to be useful
- have a great time
on the other hand my companian is cape verdian, she has skills and knows how to run a pension

greetings, Johan